dear members
and friends,

We want to say hello to you from the safety of our homes, wishing that you are well with your loved ones by your side or afar and hope that you are maintaining a strong spirit!

The world of socialising/interacting is changing and we plan to be at the forefront of that change; radically reimagining what it means to escape, explore and experience. Our focus is on building an exceptional place and customer experience; and maintaining hyper growth through a strategic global rollout.  

Our mantra: passion, passion, passion.

To maintain a good level of interaction in our community and in the lives of our members and friends, we have decided to launch a series of interactive webinar talks, conversations, articles, fun quiz questions, videos, games and dares – all of which we hope will offer you an opportunity to continue to feel sociable and connected to one another. 

We really welcome your interaction with all of this and if you have any ideas for a webinar that you would particularly like to engage in or a subject that you would like to speak about, please get in touch. Your involvement is crucial for our success of keeping the world united, with 35 countries that we are trying to link together like never before.

We want to tickle the positive vibes in every single one of you, all together, as one, we can do this. 

Meet our founders

Massimo ianni


Liana Neal

Co-Founder & General Manager

We promote culture, contemporary lifestyle, entertainment, the art of good food and drink, and the discovery of stimulating destinations. A special place to enjoy emotional growth among the people we value.

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