7 Recommended Restaurants
for this Quarantine

May, 14, 2020.

Here is the guide to some of the restaurants that CPP recommends for this quarantine:
Why do we recommend them? Because we know them very well and their owners who are the guarantee of health and quality!

You can find more information about deliveries, menus, etc; on Social Media accounts or on their respective websites.
To enjoy the pleasures of good eating AT HOME!



Of thoughtful and friendly, Matias Álvarez

“We are a different proposal, formed by a team with a long history in 5-star hospitality services. We combine our passion to provide a service of the highest level and attention to all details, with our avant-garde concept.

We create experiences and memories for the guests and guests. “THE OPTION” for your next event.”

Nicky NY Sushi

From brilliant mind, Andrés Rolando

A new space opens in Palermo, a few meters from Plaza Armenia. Climbing a notch to the Peruvian-Japanese fusion, Nicky – New York Sushi opens its doors. The place makes us travel immediately to the big apple, where we feel for a while having dinner at some cool restaurant in Manhattan. To start, nothing better than tasting a cocktail from the menu designed by Seba García

Giro Orgánico

from affectionate, Lola Cardoso

Giro Orgánico is a family business that arose as a result of a change or a “twist” when we realized that one feels much better when we give our body the necessary forces that make you feel good.

Home Hotel BA

from charismatic, Patricia Oshea

We loved creating Home and had lots of fun thinking of little details that our guests will enjoy, find useful, and hopefully make them smile. We are passionate about Buenos Aires and endeavor to make your stay in this incredible city as best as it can be. Home is where our heart is. Hopefully you will come to think of our hotel as your Home in Buenos Aires.

Mercado de Liniers

From gastronomy genius and generous, Dante Liporace

What represents us? meat, the immigrant and their food, the hard work of the fields and the hacienda. And it is these emotions that the chef uses in the creative process of his menu. Everything is present on the plate.

Rosa Negra

From perfectionist, Alberto López Segura

The success that has been with us for 23 years  is proof of the excellence and quality of Black Rose, onsidered today one of the best restaurants in Argentina.

Our chef’s career begins in the sophisticated city of Osaka, Japan, where his talent is developed in the two leading Japanese cuisine restaurants in the city: Yokoto and Olite.

UCO Restaurants

From one of our favorite families in Argentina, Los Rosberg

In UCO we believe in ego free food served in a a relaxed environment with classic cocktails and extended winelist.  Great homemade food with a modern flare. No pretensions and no gimmicks.
All this starts with the team. We have a great young energetic team who are passionate about all things food and wine related. Each member of our team brings there own personality and experiences and we are thankful for their commitment, drive and dedication.