Leon Lightman

LEON LIGHTMAN experiential tourism Creator of The Argentine Experience & the Thai Experience WATCH ZOOM MEETING "The recent global shift to experiential tourism, and the science of how to make…

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This Week, Our Co-Founder – Massimo Ianni

Hi everyone, we are still working from home to bring you an instant moment of connection, information and fun. Break your routine and let us be part of it! Keeping that in mind, please save the date for our guest this week, Massimo Ianni, a key opinion leader and influential creator in the hospitality and tourism industry over the past thirty five years.  

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Agenda 18 to 24 May

Dear all of you, we hope your health and physical & emotional states remain well intact!As if often said, “variety is the spice of life” – and so with that in mind, our guests for this coming week are:

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