A group of fine people who share their success stories, but above all, their good vibes and joys


Roberto Romano 🇦🇷

Owner of Barroco Wines

Creator of a unique wine experience


Vickrant Mahajan 🇮🇳

Guinness Record, Filmmaker and founder of Superpositivity

World Class Sports motivator, founder of Superpositivity Movement.


Nicolás Erazun 🇦🇷

Winner of Bacardi Legacy Competition Argentina

Creator of “Chaos”, the Bacardi based Cocktail, and wordlclass competitor as a bartender.

mindfulness & yoga

Verónica Magnetto 🇦🇷

Yoga Instructor & Hospitality Specialist

Experience Manager at Faena Hotel + Universe


Patricio Mac Loughlin 🇦🇷

Exective Chef at Arakur Hotel & Spa - Ushuaia

Worked as an Executive Chef and
Manager of AyB in the Alvear
Palace Hotel, Faena Hotel

design consultant

Samantha Punis 🇮🇹

Atemporary Studio Co-Founder

Design Consultant and Head of Press Office Activitities


Massimo Ianni 🇮🇹

Founder of
Massimo & Partners

Influential creator in the hospitality and tourism industry


Serena Cook 🇬🇧

Founder of
Deliciously Sorted - Ibiza

Award winning concierge and events company for the A list in Ibiza.


Leon Lightman 🇬🇧

Creator of The Argentine Experience & The Thai Experience

Tourism Consultant​

organic shop

Giro Orgánico 🇦🇷

Organic Shop
& Family Business

Helping organic farmers placing their valuable products

private aviation

Sebastián Chicou 🇦🇷

Owner of
Patagonia Chopper

Private Aviation Industry – Founder of Jetsbooking

curated experiences

Linda Hugo 🇬🇧

Founder of
Beyond Curated

A luxury industry expert and curated experiences

wine industry

Sven Piederiet 🇳🇱

International CEO

A succesful bussinesman and an amazing human being

portrait artist

Tushar Sabale 🇬🇧

Society Portrait
and Still-Life Artist

Passionate and talented artist commited with society

opera singer

Florencia Ribero 🇺🇾

Opera singer & Voice Couch

Born in Uruguay she made her way to Portugal. She’s now a Portugal Got Talent Finalist 2020

travel & discovery

Justin Wateridge 🇬🇧

Managing Director at
Steppes Travel

Travel Expert, expedition leader & pioneer expedition