You can make a difference!

We join the #PandemicOfLove International initiative to provide full support to affected families in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world.

This initiative was born in the United States of America, was created by Shelly Tygielski on March 14, 2020 to make supportive connections between individuals and families who were in condition to and wanted to provide help to the individuals and families in their community most affected by the situation derived from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

 With the hashtag #pandemicoflove, the idea is to spread and create a pandemic of love and human support in these difficult times instead of spreading fear and aggression. In a matter of days this initiative has spread throughout the United States and some countries in Europe.

From Spain, we have wanted to extend this initiative to Spanish-speaking countries and we have created this page to share information and facilitate access to requests and forms both to provide support and to request it.



You can make a difference. “Many of you are wondering what we can do to support and help others during this difficult time? Many of you, like us, are finding quarantine really hard, but are also aware how much worse this is for many other families in Buenos Aires. “

How to participate

  1. DONATIONS – Donating food / medicine or other resources to a person or family.
  2. TIME – If you have some time, you can help as a volunteer to make virtual company and expand this chain of people and communities.
  3. NOMINATING –  Nominating someone who requires our support and filling in the form on their behalf.
  4. SPREADING LOVE – With your spirit of solidarity, spreading the word! Use  the hashtag #pandemiadeamor #depersonaapersona #pandemic of love. Enter and start spreading love! Once on the website you can register to give support or contact them to collaborate!

Today, the love pandemic has spread to Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Argentina and Guatemala … and we hope that more!

Communities and countries will join soon. #pandemiadeamor

You will find all the information you need here: 



Club Porteño Provoqa suma esfuerzos con la Fundación María Cecilia de ayuda al Niño Oncológico quienes han visto sus cuidados afectados en el contexto de la pandemia del COVID-19.


La Fundación María Cecilia, en el año 1995 creó y continúa sosteniendo el Servicio de Onco-hematología Pediátrica, dentro del Hospital Materno Infantil de San Isidro, siendo el primer centro privado, de atención pública y gratuita que atiende este tipo de patología en Zona Norte del Gran Buenos Aires, dentro de un hospital público municipal. De forma totalmente gratuita.

La Fundación María Cecilia se hace cargo de los materiales descartables usados en los procedimientos diagnósticos y terapéuticos, la compra de catéteres implantables para la infusión de quimioterapia, la adquisición de medicamentos no cubiertos, y de los honorarios de los Profesionales que conforman el Servicio Oncohematológico, ayudando a mejorar la calidad de vida de los niños con cáncer.