this week on cpp!

Members and friends, this time we say hello from the most “desirable” Island, Ibiza. We want to introduce you to our CPP friend and the person that you need to know when you visit. 

Serena Cook

Founder of Deliciously Sorted

Award winning concierge and events company for the A list in Ibiza. – She is a self-proclaimed “manager of expectations” on an island where guidance and insider knowledge are essential. 

Do not miss our interview conducted by our dear Co-Founder Massimo Ianni – substantial information and juicy inside stories from the most famous of Islands.

“When Johnny Depp wants a massage, Mick Jagger wants a villa, Riccardo Tisci is planning his 40th birthday, Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are planning their wedding they dial Serena’s digits first.”

Graduated from Bristol University in Hispanic Studies & English Literature, Serena owned and managed restaurants in Colombia and UK. She is the Founder & CEO of Deliciously Sorted – Ibizas Number 1 Concierge Company – and she is currently the Co-Founder of Ibiza Preservation Foundation.

Serena is British Native, Fluent Spanish, Spoken & Written French, Basic Italian. With her initial background in Food & Beverage , owning 2 restaurants before the age of 25, Serena set up the award winning  Deliciously Sorted, concierge service to UHNW and Celebrity clientele.

Her entrepreneurship combined with looking after and managing the expectations of the global elite for the past 20 years, led her to consulting and coaching in the hospitality industry, bringing firsthand knowledge and experience.

Serena is full of energy, always on the go and do and has a wealth of knowledge in the tourism and hospitality and all the latest lifestyle trends.