Authentic and unforgettable adventure - Argentina

Of course here at CPP we have already experienced the crossing of the Andes with our fantastic community and there are not enough words to express what this experience brings to you, friends and family. An absolute must.

Who can experience this? 

Everyone – From families with kids to groups of friends or by your own.

Who is behind the adventure?

In the words of the man himself: “I’m Dario Gallardo, a third-generation descendant of gauchos and horse breeders in my region Corrientes. In 2001, I decided to share my passion for horses and Argentinian customs by organizing horse-riding adventures and authentic cultural experiences”.

What to expect

Ride through the centenary steps of the gauchos, cross rivers, overlook amazing valleys, hot springs and so much more – you will feel the magic of this vastness and you will come to understand why they have so much mythical power. Fall in love with life again and value nature and moments.

The guides

Gaucho Dario Gallardo or “horse whisperer” as we call him, there is nobody with more knowledge than him.

Plus an amazing team of local gauchos that live on the mountain, so basically they are at home, the mountains are their companion day and night.

And also this way you will support local communities and real people with real knowledge of their territory

The horses

The magic that goes along with you – They are mountain horses, well trained and very used to crossing the Andes. All the equipment for the horse is well kept and very secure. They are dosil and pure souls.

How a normal day crossing the Andes goes

Wake up under the magic sky or tent – an amazing and complete breakfast will be ready to boost your energy.

Horses are ready for you to start your 5 to 6 hours horse riding through the magical views, no one view is the same – Half-way break for lunch (they always surprise you) then back on your horse to reach the final destination for the day. Whilst you are getting to relax or explore the area, the gauchos will be preparing the spectacular bonfire, putting up the tents and uncorking the first wine of the night. Dinner will be ready and in front of the fire under the sky full of stars, and guitars being played in the background, you will be thanking life for such an experience.

How many days on the mountain

They offer a 5 day 4 night itinerary experience


Las Loicas, Mendoza, Province – Argentina – Los Andes.

Arrive to the Chilean border. (best feeling ever)


December to February (summer in Argentina)

The height

They do not pass higher than 4200 meters during the ride.

More details write to us – – We will connect you with one of the best adventures of your life.



12 women with 7 different Nationalities got together in Mendoza, Argentina, to embark on one of the most amazing experiences of a lifetime, crossing the Andes on a horse.

We planned the trip with several months of anticipation, to make sure we were all well prepared for the challenge and aware of many details. But most importantly, we needed to be sure that we would have enough of our undeniable fuel, THE WINE! Yes, 95 bottles of wine.

From the very first second we mounted our horses it dawned on us the challenge ahead but at the same time we all felt confident and ready to go.

We all followed each other, climbing the mountain and passing through the most incredible scenery. Every place that we arrived at, to rest, eat and to drink water was magical. Guided by Dario and the other guides (who grew up in the mountains), we put our complete trust in them and we felt safe and protected by this amazing team and by nature.

We camped sometimes around rocks and other times close to little rivers; some of us slept just with sleeping bags and the sky full of stars providing our roof and others slept comfortably in their tents.

There were early mornings and very late nights. Every time we reached our destination for the day, we felt that we had conquered the world. After a refreshing splash in the little rivers we all sat around the bonfire to eat, to talk, sometimes to sing with the Gauchos and to drink wine. There is not much light apart from the moonlight and the fire and the occasional torch attached to our heads.

In the mornings there was a very special energy, nothing more magical than waking up on the mountain, and not just any mountain, the majestic Andes. Only pure air.

After 6 days and 5 nights we reached our destination, the border with Chile, OH YES, what a feeling. After climbing though ice and passing through stunning views, that final picture plus the adrenaline and the emotions are a flor de piel, we had made it.

Apart from having each other, the Gauchos were our companions through this adventure, always taking care of us, making sure we had everything we needed, not just materially but also emotionally, they were there when that feeling of being in the middle of nowhere completely disconnected with the outside world but connected with yourself gets overwhelming, and this team of amazing human beings always had the right words of encouragement for us to carry on and carry on challenging ourselves.

I cannot explain to you the celebration we had at our 5 star hotel in the city of Mendoza after our unforgettable experience! SO RECOMMENDED.