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A Luxury Industry

…with a love of fine jewellery, art, history and delivering the highest level of personalised service. Linda founded Beyond Curated to give expression to her passions and expertise. Her business offers clients individually curated, private heritage and cultural experiences within London and the UK.

Beyond Curated delivers private viewings behind the scenes within iconic historic palaces and museums, private fine dining, master classes and much more, seamlessly designed to inspire and uplift. Creating heirloom memories is Beyond Curated’s aim and sincere passion!

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Interesting Webinars

“The webinars have been complimentary with the purpose of offering our guests joy and inspiration during this challenging time.  The sessions also offer people a glimpse into what they can look forward to enjoying as part of their Beyond Curated experiences once normality resumes.”

Magic, Diamonds and Insights

Featuring a live world class illusionist performance, a diamond expert from Sotheby’s Diamonds, an award winning Luxury Retail expert

Bond and Beyond

Exploring the world of James Bond with a culinary expert, an art aficionado from Sotheby’s and a renowned Classic Car expert

Beyond The Tower Walls

Stepping into the mysterious world of Tudor history at The Tower of London with best selling historians and authors, gatekeepers from within the Tower itself and an amazing live performance from a well-known Mezzo Soprano.

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There are some short films and the Bond and Beyond webinars available on our YouTube channel.