Nicolás Erazún

Winner of the Bacardi Legacy Argentina

Born in Santa Rosa, province of La Pampa. I arrived in the city of La Plata to study Physical Education Teachers, a career that I am about to finish. For about 6 years I have been working in the gastronomic field. 

I started by helping a friend who needed a waiter, and immediately caught the attention of the bar. After a while I had the opportunity to enter it and since then I have not stopped.

I was lucky to later work with well-known bartenders such as Lucas López Dávalos, Gonzalo Cabado, and in the event company of Ramiro Ferreri (RF), of whom I was able to imbue myself with knowledge and learning that, day by day, they empowered me.

In the city of La Plata I worked as a bar manager at CruelBarraMorfi, the flagship bar and benchmark for platense cocktails, and also as a bar manager at Gran Galpón, a bar like few in the country, inspired by a train station of the 30’s.

I spent some time teaching gastronomy, teaching cocktail courses in the city. I also participated in some competitions, in the country and in Uruguay.

Among them, and perhaps the most important achievement of my career, was the Bacardí Legacy Cocktail, an international competition in which bartenders from all over the country participate, and which I had the honor of winning, so I will be the representative of Argentina in the next Bacardi Legacy Global to be held in Miami (with date to be confirmed due to the current situation that we are going through).

The cocktail I won with, is called Chaos, which some of the club got to try when we did an event in Porteño together with the other two finalists (Ramiro Gavilondo and Paula Scapuccio).