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Reencuentros Around
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Trips designed for people across the world with one country in common - Argentina.

If Argentina is part of your past, present or future you can sign up here. Reencuentros Around The World community comes with a whole host of benefits.  

The Bucketlist Adventures

With Leon Lightman

Voted the best adventure guide in Latin America, leading hundreds of adventures around the world. Leon is also a serial restauranter and food expert, having spent over a decade creating a collection of unique once-in-lifetime dining experiences.  

Casas Latinas

Created & Curated by Massimo Ianni

An exclusive collection of sophisticated estates, hotels & resorts in Italy, other Latin European countries, and Latin America, with unique features and an innovative content offering.

Graduate of the Glion Hotel Management School (Switzerland) and Kellogg University’s Hospitality Masters Degree, Massimo Ianni has been working in the International Hospitality and Tourism industry for more than 30 years.