Tushar Sabale

Portrait and Still-Life Artist

Artist born in India and raised in the UK, committed to his art and craft.

One of our most active guests and beloved friend of our club. Be sure to check his artwork and stay tuned for more interesting news!

"Chiaroscuro" - Tushar Sabale

A little journey through great pieces of Art and maestros of light and shadow. 
Check out this beautiful documentary short film about the history of Chiaroscuro and its influence on other pictorial and even cinematic trends. Our special guest artist, Tushar Sabale, accompanies us on this journey through the depths of Art and painting.

Portrait for NHS Heroes

“Not all battles are fought at the battlefield, and not all heroes wear cape”

“I offered to paint one free portrait for any NHS front line workers/ staff and Doctors who are fighting like drones and braving Covid-19 to keep us safe at our homes! This is to say a BIG THANKYOU to Dr. Amit Saxena and many others like him to save our lives!”