Vero Magnetto
Yoga & Mindfulness

If you need us, here we are

After working in the hospitality business for 13 years in companies such us Marriott, Faena Hotels; Veronica moved to Bariloche. That scenario offered the possibility to dig deeply into studies and experiences fostering the expansion of consciousness. This path gave her a clear vision of human evolution. She became a Yoga Instructor while she also studied Biological & Quantum Medicine and Akashic Healing.

As a Yoga Iyengar practitioner she engraves aspects of this method in each class melting with solid knowledge of other disciplines and traditions as well. Every encounter with her students is devotional for Vero, looking with eyes, beyond ordinary and seeking heart connection. She thus connects in a unique way adding to each one what the person needs; a word, a movement, frequency, a lesson, an awareness.

She leads several of Wellbeing programs and Yoga Workshops in Peuma Hue Deluxe Estancia and she assists people through Akashic Healings. For a private yoga class or an Akashic Healing session email: and follow Vero Magnetto on Instagram